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Highest ATAR 2019 - Elizabeth Shorrock

15 Sep 2020

Elizabeth Shorrock - Highest ATAR 2019

I would first like to say a massive thank you to every person who supported me and helped me throughout the entirety of my schooling, especially in my final years of school. That appreciation goes especially to the teachers and staff at MHS who were always there for me whenever I needed it, being a strong supportive structure for my completion of Year 12.

Year 12 can be a daunting thing, but with a strong will and an even better support unit, you’ll find it isn’t as scary as it seems. The ATAR seems like a crucial number that potentially shapes the rest of your life. This is somewhat true but in all honesty, it isn’t the end of the world and there are multitudes of different avenues to take for you to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. Plus, nobody really cares about your ATAR after it’s all done. Even so, working hard and consistently will give you a better basis to strive forward and achieve your goals. Most importantly, do what makes you happy and don’t let it be morphed by a silly number.

My HSC studies consisted of Advanced and Extension English, Modern History, Extension History, Advanced Maths, and Geography. Poor Ms Beck never got a break from me. These subjects helped me build a strong basis for independent learning, as well as developed my reading and analysis skills which will help me pursue my future goal of entering the field of Law. I have started my tertiary studies, undertaking a double degree of a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Criminology, through online study at the University of England.

I am continuing to work during my study, advancing on to obtaining management qualifications to even further extend my career opportunities and open up other avenues of jobs.

However extreme all of this may seem, and I may seem like a glutton for punishment or a robot, it’s important to remember that there are people out there who want to help you and see you grow, and that we all have bad days and its okay. If you don’t receive the results you want there is always another way and everything will work out in the end.

Year 12 is a big year but it will all be worth more than words can explain in the end and your life will change for the better. You’ll be ready more than ever to tackle the big world out there just like I am.