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School Driver Training Program

Murrumburrah High School Driver Training Program

A successful driver training program has been in operation at Murrumburrah High School for over 35 years. Time is made available for the learner drivers to be trained using a comprehensive teaching program that meets the standards of the NSW Transport.

The MHS Driver Training program is coordinated by the school and lessons are undertaken by Mr Ian Baird, who is a licensed commercial driving instructor. The program is accredited with the NSW Transport.

The Driver Training car is a manual 1.6 litre dual controlled Ford Fiesta. The dual controls allow students to gain confidence in driving.

The course is designed to teach safe driving habits and to make students realise when they are driving that they are responsible for the safety of family, friends, members of the community and themselves. Each student progresses at their own pace, that is, according to how quickly they master the driving skills.

Instructor and students rate this driver training course very highly because it provides a thorough, well planned course of instructions. A good attitude relating to safe driving is encouraged with the focus being on low risk driving skills and increased hazard awareness.

The program is sponsored by the Murrumburrah High School P & C, McAlister Motors Young and Bendigo Bank Harden. The Kruger Trust has also made significant contributions in the past especially with vehicle replacement. 



Driver Training Car