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Alert: Asthma and Aerosols

Some members of theĀ Murrumburrah High School community suffer severe allergies to aerosol sprays or perfumes that can act as a trigger to an (often) serious asthma attack, or bring on a severe migraine in a sensitive individual. The allergy can be sufficiently serious to put a student into anaphylactic shock if an aerosol can has been used anywhere in the student's vicinity. This can be a life threatening situation, resulting in the student being transported to hospital in an ambulance.

  • Aerosols are banned from school premises, excursions, sporting events and all events where students are in confined spaces.
  • Students are encouraged to follow correct hygiene procedures by applying deodorant at home after showering: a good deodorant will last all day if applied to clean skin before dressing
  • Roll-on and stick deodorants are permitted at school

Let's Help to Create an Asthma Friendly school. This means that everyone needs to be aware of their own:

  • right to a safe learning environment
  • responsibility for the health and safety of others in their shared spaces

Remember: No student is to use or bring aerosol deodorants or sprays to school.

Teachers have been asked to confiscate any aerosol products found at school and bring them to the Deputy Principal. Parents will be informed that the products have been collected from their son or daughter and that they can call into the school and collect the product. Further infringements will be dealt with through the discipline system.

Thank you for considering the health and safety of others.